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Construction Methods and Structural Engineering

The program gives an basic insight in the different working assignments. Different carpeting, e.g. building moulds, beams and scaffolds, plus mounting panels, plates, and different indoor carpentry. Other aspects that is dealt with is among others; roofing, isolation, bricklaying and construction work.


Understanding speech from different regions, participate in conversations, read and understand various texts and formulate oneself in writings.

Basic knowledge about sports and health. Combines exercise with health issues and probably the most important thing; stimulation to continue exercising later in life.

Analyze and critically solve problems, evolve ones mathematical creativity and learn about the beauty and logic of mathematics.

Social studies
Knowledge about historic and social questions, the construction of the social network in today's society and basic knowledge about different views on religion and life itself.

Basic course in the Swedish language and literature.


Mould Construction
Introduction, wall & structural floor, pillows & beams, profiles & low mould, construction and mounting of recess, system mould and finally stair mould.

Introduktion, cutting & bending and inlaid work.

Introduction, casting and floor-laying.

Brick building
Introduction, section panel walls and brick walls.

Grout & tile subsidence
Introduction, elutriation & internal grout and tile subsidence on walls.

Construction of grid system
Introduction, grid system pit and lapping of underground line, jointing of pipe and well.

Ground-based construction
Introduction, edge support, gangway and paving-stone.

Pole construction and covering
Introduction, wall framework, roof framework, internal covering - gypsum wallboard on steel pillar, panels & wallboard's, laying of flooring grade chipboard & flooring boards, laying of parquet, external covering, roof covering, cabinet equipment, windows & door carpentry, cornice & armature, equipment for mounting.

Repair & rebuild a house

Protection & Auxiliary equipment
Introduction, guard rail, protection roof, safety devices, bridge, gang-planks, trestle, trestle scaffolds, ladder's and scaffolds out of wood & steel.

Introduction, heat isolation, moisture isolation and sound isolation.

Element Mounting
Introduction and wood elements.

Transport & Hoisting equipment
Introduction plus different transport and hoisting equipment.

Practice & Theory

Motorized Tools
Band-saw, circular saw, compass saw, chain saw, bolt gun, hammer power-drill, concrete mixer, concrete vibrato, cut & bend machine.

Levelling, testing of concrete material, reinforcements and wood, basic computer knowledge, technical calculations and study of P&I-diagrams.

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