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Introduction course in Natural Science

Introduction courses in natural science or technology is for those whom lack the basic qualification from the upper secondary school in biology, physics, chemistry or/and mathematics.


Biology A, B
Basics in the structure of the nature, Earths different eco-systems, the evolution of plants and animals plus their behavior and genetic. The structure of an organism and the function from small to big: the cell, bacteria, virus and on to whole organs.

Chemistry A, B
In level A you get a better understanding of the nature, the environmental and the modern society. Level B deals with the chemical processes that you find in life, e.g. plants, animals and humans.

Classic and Modern Physics
What substance has the greater weight - 1 kilogram cotton or 1 kilogram led? How does a rock that falls know in which direction it should go? Is an electric and a magnetic field the same? What is light? What is sound? Can one travel faster then the light? This and other questions is dealt with in modern and classic physics.

Mathematics C, D, E
Level C contains problem solving both in the area of economics and in the area of natural science. In D the focus are on integrals and trigonometry and finally level E deals with "imaginary numbers", differential equations and its derivate.

Technology 1, 2
The course deals with the basics in technology and works as a platform for future studies in the art of engineering.

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