This is a short presentation of the eight feature films that to this date has been filmed under the Angels of Chaos brand. To learn more about each one of the movies or if you like to view one of them we recommend that you click on the specific link to that movie.


In the year of our lord 1974 we follow B.M.F cops James (Magnus Hopstadius) and Burt (Andreas Petersson) in their fight against the organized crime syndicate known as the Innergang. When a strange creature, who's not of this world, suddenly emerges the struggle is brought to a whole new level. Is their amusement for their jobs enough to send this beast from hell back to where it belongs? Or have the days of darkness arrived...

Cast: Magnus Hopstadius ("The Janitor"), Andreas Petersson ("Latex 1") and Patrik Jonsson ("Lappen - The Bloody Movie").

Production year: 1996

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An ancient secret orden of assassins, thieves and martial arts experts steals a ground breaking industrial invention. This is the start shoot to the redemption of security guard Nick Horn (Magnus Hopstadius) who is the soul survivor and witness to the crime. To his help he has the man who saved his life, a mysterious warrior known as The Janitor (Andreas Petersson). 100% action from start to finish!

Cast: Magnus Hopstadius ("I Like This Job"), Andreas Petersson ("Latex 1") and introducing Mattias Persson, Jonny Nilsson and Kim Nilsson.

Production year: 2000

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Lappen (Greger Carlsson) is angry, he is very angry. People he refer to as '08:or' has killed his beloved reindeer's and now he is out for revenge, a blood filled revenge. Follow Lappen when he claim his own justice to the guilty ones as he acts both judge and executioner in one and the same. Non-stop action that will satisfy even the most blood thirsty persons.

Cast: Christian Petersson ("I Like This Job"), Patrik Jonsson ("Odjuret") and introducing Greger Carlsson as Lappen.

Production year: 1995

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A man (Andreas Petersson) escapes torture by a psychiatric keeper and starts on a blood filled journey to seek his roots. Who is he? Is he a human being or a sick invention of a twisted mind? These and other questions is what SÄPO-investigators Muddler (Magnus Olsson) and Scalle (Magnus Hopstadius) tries to find answers to while they are doing their best to stop the blood shred.

Cast: Andreas Petersson ("The Janitor"), Magnus Hopstadius ("I Like This Job"), Magnus Olsson ("T3 - Happy Days") and introducing Tony Forslund.

Production year: 1997

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Notorious crime boss Don Pasta (Magnus Olsson) has a 'problem' he is willing to do anything to get rid of. The 'problem', police-officer John Hardcastle (Tony Löfstedt), on the other hand, is willing to do anything to get Don Pasta behind bars, or better yet in a casket. It's a battle between two strong men! It's a battle for life and death! It's a battle where there can be only one winner!

Cast: Tony Löfstedt ("White Snow"), Magnus Olsson ("T3 - Happy Days"), Magnus Hopstadius ("I Like this Job") and introducing Lennart Rönnberg.

Production year: 1999

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Legend tells of a creature that dwells in the darkest shadows of the forest. A creature equally evil as it is dangerous. A cold spring morning a special military unit known as "The B-Team" arrives to the forest with their mind bent on hunting the creature down. They are not the best there is, not even the second best, but they are the only ones available. So prepare yourself for an action adventure out of the ordinary!

Cast: Patrik Jonsson ("I Like This Job"), Christian Petersson ("I Like this Job"), Tony Löfstedt ("White Snow") and Marthin Jönsson ("T3 - Happy Days").

Production year: 1997

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Two cyborgs from the future is sent to a small village on the countryside in 1993 with opposite tasks. One is a bringer of death, while the other is a bringer of life. They both uses unconventional means to fulfill their purpose, but at the end, only one of them can stand victorious. Follow the struggle between the two of them in this action/comedy follow up to the two original hit movies.

Cast: Magnus Olsson ("The Mob"), Marthin Jönsson ("White Snow"), Andreas Petersson ("Latex 1") and Tony Löfstedt ("The Mob").

Production year: 1993

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Night at the industrial area, two DEA-agents working undercover, a gang of criminals selling drugs. This is the beginning of a action packed adventure where good is good and bad is bad. Either you deal with drugs or you don't and the ones that do has to be punished by the ones that don't. This raises the question 'Do the result justify the means? And on which side do you stand?'

Cast: Marthin Jönsson ("I Like This Job"), Tony Löfstedt ("The Mob"), Andreas Petersson ("Latex 1") and introducing Jonas Nilsson and Daniel Persson.

Production year: 1995

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