Angels of Chaos operations encompass motion picture production and distribution plus exertion of role-playing games in Sweden. Angels of Chaos can be found on the World Wide Web at aoc.se and be contacted via e-mail:



Angels of Chaos, or shortly AOC, was founded on a cold spring morning in the beginning of the 1990s in a small village called Hoting in northern Sweden. The initiative was taken by two young men, Cabante and MaiM, and their main focus for the union was exert of role-playing games. But in the back of their heads laid a secondary focus of film production. This since they together with a few friends had made the highly acclaimed action/adventure T3 - Happy Days a year or two earlier.

Regulations was formed and a board of directors was chosen with the help from a employee at the local gouverment. The union thereafter applied for membership with the Swedish Role Playing and Conflict Gaming Federation, SVEROK, and was accepted as a member. After that some major advertising took place all around Hoting in order to recruite members to the newely founded union. But despise that coffee, lemonade and cookies was served, the meeting turned out to be a dissappointment. The few people that showed up all thought that AOC was some sort of theatrical union with its mind bent on directing a show for the stage. Clearly a small misunderstanding about what role-playing games was and is all about. Fortunately this only resulted in that the efforts of recruiting members doubled and soon the union reached its peak in number of members.

For the following couple of years the operations run smoothly and many hours were lost in the fantastic worlds of different role-playing games. The filming also continued and probably the greatest of all AOC productions where made during these years; the retro seventies cop movie I Like This Job. But then the interest for role-playing games faded away for both the founders and the members until it existed no more. The film interest however maintained for everyone and at least a movie per year was produced up and til the year 2000. From that point all of the former members, together with the two founders, was practically scattered all over the world and the union was laid on ice and the membership with the national organization was withdrawn.

The ending of an era...or?

In spring 2003 one of the former founders, MaiM, got the idea that it would be nice if all of the films that was made could somehow be gathered and easily accessed at one place. Therefor he started a wide search to gather all the old analog movies, a project harder then it sounds, and thereafter digitalize them in order to be able to make them accessable via the Internet. Because of the fact that the combining factor for these movies was Angels of Chaos the natural thing to do was to wake the union from its hypersleep - resulting in this website.

So at present date you can say that AOC is inactivly active, meaning that it only operates through this website and that it has no active board of directors or any active members, except the webmaster.

So does this mean that Angels of Chaos will rise from the dust and start to produce movies again?

Only time will tell...


If you would like to know more about film production and what you should think about before you start to create your own film, you should click on the link below. There we at Angels of Chaos has described the things that we find to be the most important to bear in mind. Of course there are a lot more stuff that you should take notice of, but these things are a description of the basics.

6 important things when creating an amateur film

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