Different vehicles was used during the filming of this movie, both on and off screen. The three that is described here all have a crucial part in the plot of the film and is therefor worth mentioning.

Volvo Amazon

The Volvo was used as the Ninja getaway car after they commited the stealing of the groundbreaking industrial invention. The car gave the sequences it was in a cool retro feeling that feelt both fresh and cool at the same time. Sadly the car was crashed during a stunt drive sequence in the film, but it has been repaired again after that.

Nissan Sunny

The Nissan was used as George Scott's car in the film. It is not the traditional execetive car but we thought it would be a fun twist to give him a more street-car liked vehicle. The car worked out fine in the aggressive driving that George uses to show his feelings about the lost disk with the invention.

BMW 320i

When the thiefs tries to make a getaway in the Amazon, Nick Horn stops this BMW in the middle of the street and commandeer it to get in hot pursuit with the Ninjas. But as it turns out its six cylinder engine was no match for the horsepower gorged four cylinder engine of the Volvo and the thiefs slips away.

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