An ancient secret orden of assassins, thieves and martial art experts steals a ground breaking industrial invention. But to what purpose these so called 'Ninjas' need the invention is clouded in grave mystery.

During the break in, they are discovered by three factory security guards who tries to stop them. But that turns out to be a greater task then any of the guards could handle. The thief kills two of the guards and is able to slip away with the constructural plans of the secret invention. The third guard is dishonourable fired due to what happened and he seeks comforting in the bottle. Strange happenings in his life then leads him in contact with a street-gang who tries to kill him.

This is the start shoot to the redemption of security guard Nick Horn and a start point for his revenge on the secret Ninja orden. To his help he has the man who saved his life, a mysterious warrior known as The Janitor.

Prod. Year: 2000     Run Time: 21 min     Language: English

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