The location for shooting this film was the little village Hoting* that is located in Jämtland, Sweden. There we used five different main scenery's where each one of them where used for both interior (INT.) and exterior (EXT.) filming. Below you find a description of each of the main scenery together with pictures of them.



The industry is a local wood factory that was used as the working place for George Scott, Nick Horn and the other two security guards. The building contains a factory floor, a office complex, locker rooms and a canteen. All of these areas where used in the film as well as some filming up on the roof. The industry has earlier been used as a scenery in the movie I Like This Job.

Storage Area

The storage area is owned by a road construction and maintanience company and they use it to storage salt and sand for the roads here as well as snow plows. It is now mostly abandon and in the film it was used as the training camp and headquarters for the Ninja clan. This location has also been used earlier in the film I Like This Job.


The apartment is one of the crews. He was in the middle of moving out, therefor the lack of furniture, and we choose to use it as Nick Horns apartment in the film. The idea was to have it unclean with liqour bottles laying on the floor and the draps down so the audience get the feeling that Nick was drowning his sorrows in alcohol.


The streets is the streets in Hoting*. They are only mention here as a scenery since in a long sequence Nick Horn is out wander and pondering about what has happend to him and how he should solve his problems. This wander ultimately leads him to the school yard and his first encounter with The Janitor.

School Yard

The school yard is located in two different plans diveded into one yard for the junior level and one yard for the intermediate level and the senior level. In the junior level school yard the audience for the first time gets a glimpse of The Janitor. On the upper level school yard Nick Horn gets face-to-face with the street gang; The Devils.

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