The history of the Ninja is clouded in grave mystery and is very hard to trace. Few to no excisting records has survived or been keept about this secret orden. Most of the things that is known, or believed to be known, are nothing but fantasy and old folk myths told from one generation to another.

What is known is that the Ninja can be traced back to a group of priests, or mystics, that lived in ancient Japan. They practiced a religion called Nonuse (the art of stealth). When the government was harassing the priests they perfected their skills in fighting and sneaking so they could protect themselves.

In contrary to the Samurai of the old Japan, the Ninja doesn't live by any special code of honour. That combined with their special abilities in fighting and sneaking made them perfect as spies, informants and assassins. The Samurai lived and died by the sword without any fear of death. He followed the bushido, the warrior's code of honour, at all time and would rather commit seppuku, ritual suicide, then bee dishonoured. The Ninja had only one code; do whatever it takes to get the job done. This automatically gave the Ninja a great advantage since they had no problem striking an enemy down from behind without him ever knowing he was there. For this reason the Samurai where afraid of the Ninja, a fear the Ninja had earned.

The Ninja soon gained a reputation of having superhuman abilities, a reputation strongly encouraged by the Ninja themselves. They were actually quite weaker then their counterpart, the Samurai, and were vulnerable for attacks. So the reputation worked to their advantage and has lived to days date. According to it the Ninja has powers like; the strength of ten men, ability to turn into animals and to become invisible at will.

Fighting Skills  

The Ninja is an expert in hand-to-hand fighting due to the hard training he have since his birth. Their style, called Tai-Jutsu (body movement), is so effective because it not only contains understanding for the punching and kicking, but also for the human body. This allows the Ninja to strike at the exact point on the opponent's body to paralyse or kill him. Tai-Jutsu is not a technique with fixed methods, like for exampleJiu-Jitsu, it is a technique that stresses fluidity, natural movement, spontaneity and improvising.

Probably the most known fighting technique the Ninja has is called Ninjutsu. This is actually a description of the collection of skills that the Ninja masters, while the art of Ninpo is referred to as the higher order of Ninjutsu. Nin refers to stealth and po is used instead of the ending do, in for example Judo and Kendo. Ninpo stresses philosophical and spiritual training combined with physical training. It is concerned with defence of the whole self and points out that defence against a life threat is as much a spiritual as a physical technique.

Except this the ninja uses several weapons to accomplish his tasks and missions. To name a few we have: Sword, Bo, Nunchakus, Shuriken, Poison Darts and many more.


The Ninja uniform can have one of three colours: Black, because most of their work took place at night, White, to be able to blend in to the snow and Camouflage, for blending in with the forest. The uniform covers all the Ninja's flesh except a small slit around the eyes and his hands. It has many pockets that are for storing tools, weapons and a first aid kit. The boots has a slip between the big toe and the rest of the toes to make it easier to climb.

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