Janitor = Someone, man or woman, employed to clean and maintain a building.

To dream of being or seeing a janitor portends additional responsibilities that may seem onerous but will prove ultimately beneficial.

The word Janitor automatically sets our mind thinking of the man that unlocks your locker if you forgot to bring your key to school. Maybe you even think of him as the man, or possible woman, who fills the Xerox machine with paper. Or maybe you get the picture of him fixing some plumbing in a dark and scary basement. But in fact this man is so much more. He is the guy that keeps everything operational in your building. He makes sure that it is warm inside if its cold outside and vice versa. He is always there to fix everything you just damaged and he usually masters a broad variety of disciplines like; plumbing, carpentry, cleaning, heating, cooling and most important, coffee making.

So actually the word Janitor should equal to; an all-round handyman, or handywoman, that will always save the day for you.

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