The Janitor

Not much is known about this mysterious warrior or his cause. Most likely is that he is some sort of 'vagabond' that wanders around in the world seeking for something he lost. In the process he helps people who needs it and fights injustice and cruelty wherever it occurs. His fighting skills has become known world wide and his passion for working as a janitor legendary.

Nick Horn

Following in his fathers footsteps Nick decided at an early age that he was going to be a security guard. Working at different places, guarding many different things, has given him a good insight how industrial thieves tend to commit their crimes. But this time something went wrong, terrible wrong. Not only did the thief get away, but he manage to get the object for the crime with him and killing two of the other guards.

The Ninja

Born and raised within the mysterious clan of assassins, thieves and martial art experts known as; Ninjas, this man is a lethal weapon on his own. Trained in deadly hand-to-hand combat, close combat weapons and poisoned gas has made him the perfect warrior. His skills in sneaking past security guards and alarms is as legendary as his ability to vanish in thin air. He fears none and death comes before dishonor.

George Scott

The director of the industrial plant is a tuff but fare man. He started at young age on the factory floor and has since then climbed the ladder of hierarchy within the company to the position he holds today. His latest invention is, according to the rumors, ground breaking. He will do anything to keep it a secret and rather cut off his right arm before letting anybody else get his hand on it.

Jim Kowalski

Jim is the average guy next door, he is just as nice as he is kind hearted. He has no illusions of who he is, he does his job properly and goes home to his wife and kid. He has worked his entire life as a security guard and has never been in any kind of fight or struggle, until this day. Now more action then in his worst nightmare drops in his lap. The question now is if he can handle it or not?

Will Sinclare

A young hot-head that thinks he is as cool as ice and as full of skills as a superhero. When death steers at him he steers right back and then attacks it with full force without any thoughts of his own or anyone else's well being. His first week as a security guard at the industrial plant doesn't start that good. He is now about to get the chance he searched for to proven himself worthy of the reputation as a daredevil.

Ninja Master

A very cruel man that rules the clan of the Ninja with a hand of iron and a will of steal. He is by far the most skilled in the deadly arts and as the world turns towards globalization, he has bent his mind on building an empire around himself. An empire that will be founded with blood money, industrial espionage and threats. The difference between him and the usual crime- or mafia-boss, is that he has well trained, deadly and obedient Ninja-warriors at his hand instead of the stupid stereotype tuff guy with a machine-gun.

Julia Lucas

Kidnapped shortly after her 10th birthday and sold on the black market to the ancient Ninja-clan, Julia has now grown custom of being the Ninja Masters mistress. She has been totally brain-washed and has no recollection what-so-ever about her birth parents and her former life. The clan bought her so that she could "entertain" the students, but instead she has become the Masters own personal love interest. And if any of the others as much as blinks at her he'll experience hell from the Master..

Ninja Warriors

The training that the Ninja Warriors go through is probably the toughest on this planet. They train from 06.00 in the morning until 21.00 in the evening, and the acceptance for failures is slim to none. If you fails you get kicked out from the clan in dishonor or you'll be killed. This cruel training method has led to that only the best of the best passes, but the mortality rate is very high. The warriors is extremely deadly in their skills and their obedience towards the Ninja Master is absolute.

Street Gang

This street gang refer to themselves as The Devil Tribe of the Concrete Jungle, or shortly: The Devils. The gang saw it's first light as far back as in the 1970's and has since then kept it's basics with one gang leader and several members. As the years has passed the members and the leaders has changed a couple of times but their turf has always staid the same; the school yard and it's absolute surroundings.

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